Christmas Wish List

If you’ve read Secrets, then you know that Diana’s a young woman who knows what she wants. Here’s the letter she sent Santa this year.

Dear Santa,

I’ve missed you. It’s been one whole year. So you know I’ve moved, right? Don’t bring my presents to Dad’s because I don’t live there anymore. I’m living with Ron now. He’s got a fireplace although it’s shut up. Can you come in through the front door or something? I guess so because there are probably fewer homes with chimneys than without. I’ll have to check about leaving a door or window unlocked for you.

Anyway, I’m happy living here. We need to renovate, especially the bathroom! What I wouldn’t give for a rain shower and a jacuzzi tub, but you don’t bring contractors.  So here’s my wish list and its Pinterest counterpart.

In the tech department, there’s the latest iPhone and the Kate Spade pouch to protect it. The Instax Mini camera would be fine too.

Clothing and accessories. Did you see the pic of that cute pink sweater? Wouldn’t it look great against my skin? But I could use another jacket and I don’t have a bomber. Where have a been? Even Bubbe, Ron’s grandmother, has one. Some cool shades would be good too!

How about a little self-care? A journal, if you want to be frugal, or a day at the spa, if you can afford a little luxury, would make me super happy.

Okay, so no pressure. I’ll be happy with just about anything.

I’m learning how to bake. So I’ll leave you some cookies and milk by the tree.

Merry Christmas,


What do you think of Diana’s wish list? Are any of the items on your list too? I love hearing from you. Leave a comment.

By Patricia Caviglia

Fiction writer

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