Valentine’s Day

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With Valentine’s Day approaching, I can’t help but wonder if I should have my next novel revolve around finding love for or on Valentine’s Day. I’ve been plotting it in my mind for a while and I wrote the synopsis. Nowhere does Valentine’s Day or any other holiday figure in my writing, but why not? Well, one reason is I plan on releasing it in December, so if there’s going to be the mention of any holiday, shouldn’t it be Christmas or Hanukkah or New Year’s Eve and Day? Ugh? Don’t know. While making the holiday a central part of the story would definitely make it a specific holiday story, bringing the holiday into the story wouldn’t matter so much as long as it makes sense to have it there, right? Probably.

Something else has surfaced

Romeo beanie boo
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A few weeks ago at the bookstore, my daughter mentioned she wanted a Valentine’s Beanie Boo. Friday, I found myself shopping alone and picked up a card and some chocolate for her. (I’ll get to the beanie boo. I have to.) As I was browsing the cards, I noticed how many were for romantic relationship. I remembered sending my mom chocolate or flowers at Valentine’s Day and my ex-husband asking me why I would do that, it’s a holiday for lovers.


But is it?

pexels-photo-590510.jpegSunday, I had a “Remember when…” moment and sent this text to my BFF: Remember when you, Alain and me would go to Mike’s Restaurant on boul. Cartier on Fridays/Saturdays after work? Sometimes Diran would join us. I can’t remember who else ever did. But we would talk and laugh and plan the future. I did not send the text out of nostalgia, but out of love. A “Hey Girl, we’ve been through so much together. Love you.”

Isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about? Sharing love. It doesn’t have to be about chocolate and flowers or dinner and sex or champagne and jewelry. It can be about family, friendship and romance. It can be about recognizing those who are important to us and who impact our lives, and about knowing who loves us and loving ourselves.

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Who are you sending a Valentine to? Who are you hoping to get a Valentine from? I love hearing from you. Leave a comment.

By Patricia Caviglia

Fiction writer

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