It’s November and another NaNoWriMo is upon us. During the last one, I wrote a novel. Number 3 in the True Hearts series. Where is it? It’s with my beta editor and she’s taking way too long to go through it. It’s not completely her fault. It’s mine for having forgotten about it.

How do I forget about a novel? I started an IT certificate, started writing a new novel, got a new job and moved all within the same couple of months. So yeah, I let that one fall. I’m pretty organized but I don’t have a control-center. I have an appointment book, a school agenda, a work calendar. All these individual things to keep me on track in different parts of my life but nothing that encompasses everything.

Anyway, I’ll nix the beta-editor and find an editor. But none of this is why I started writing this post. No no no. The reason is NaNoWriMo. I have to finish the novel I started several months ago and what a better time than during this month where the creative juices of so many writers are flowing into the universe and every one bands together to support and encourage eachother. So I got off of the witch’s broomstick last night and I’m settling in at my desk for some solid bonding time with my characters.

By Patricia Caviglia

Fiction writer

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