About Patricia

cropped-l3zx1-62u2exl_cavigliap-4.jpgAs an only child in Montreal, Quebec, Patricia Caviglia started making up stories to entertain herself while her parents watched endless war movies and westerns. At thirteen, she developed a love of reading and started writing down movie scripts in Hilroy copy books. Eventually, she branched into poetry and short stories which she shared with friends and teachers who encouraged and supported her efforts.

While she dreamed of becoming a fiction writer, she did not view it as a possible future. Raised by a strong practical mother, Patricia chose to do something practical with her life and started a sixteen year career with a railway. She continued to dream and write for many years while working full-time and attending McGill University. Once married, she stopped writing all together to focus on a middle-class “normal” life.

After the birth of her daughter, Patricia realized that she was her daughter’s first and most important example of a woman and she could not allow her dream to die. A French-Canadian movie, Tout est parfait (Everything Is Fine) reminded her so much of being a teenager that it inspired Rebecca and David, the main characters in Masks, which she self-published in 2010 and made the National Indie Excellence Finalist list.

In 2017, she published Secrets: a coming of age story about a young woman needing to break away from her controlling father and yearning for the mother who abandoned her as an infant.

She is currently working on the third novel in the True Hearts Series.