Patricia Caviglia is the author of the True Hearts Series in which four friends find love, each in their own unique way. Masks and Secrets are available in ebook and print formats. Covers is available in ebook format. Promises will be released in December 2020.

I’m Patricia Caviglia. As an only child, I made up stories to entertain myself. I developed a love of reading at age thirteen and have dreamed of becoming a fiction writer ever since.

My books are a blend of my interests: family, romance, and friendship. I often throw in a little cooking, which is one of my passions, as well as something else I enjoy like a road trip or a sporting event.

A French-Canadian movie, Tout est parfait (Everything Is Fine) reminded me so much of being a teenager that it inspired Rebecca and David, the main characters in Masks, which made the National Indie Excellence Finalist list.

Masks was followed by Secrets: a coming of age story about a young woman, needing to break away from her controlling father and yearning for the mother who abandoned her as an infant, finds confort in the arms of the man she rejected in high school. Secrets received a London Book Festival Awards Honorable Mention.

Covers is my latest release. Acceptance is the bridge to love in this romance, where a party girl searching for Mr. Nice Guy literally falls into his arms.

I am currently working on the fourth novel, Promises, in the True Hearts Series.

On a more personal note, I love reading. Some of my favorite authors are Janet Evanovich, Brad Smith, Bernard Cornwell, and Kate Meader. Clearly, I’m a lover of all fiction.

I also read non-fiction, especially biographies, business and marketing, religion and spirituality, and psychology books.

I currently live in Montreal, Canada with my daughter. My main vices are reading and watching movies. I love a good story in any format.

I’m fluent in Italian and French. I can also manage in Brazilian Portuguese. So I do read and watch movies in these languages too. The cool thing about languages is how much they reveal about a culture. That, to me, is fascinating.

I can easily get suckered into researching something for days if I become interested enough. So I need to monitor myself because I can become obsessed and set everything else aside to feed my curiosity.

Travelling is another of my interests that also feeds my curiosity. One day laying on the beach is plenty for me. I’ll spend most of my time on the hop-on hop-off buses, the museums, shops, restaurants, markets, monuments and events exploring the local culture, imagining what it once was and what it could become.

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