Patricia Caviglia

Stories Of Personal Transformation

I am seeking an agent for a completed new adult novel, Stay. Diana Rainville, a twenty-one year old recent university graduate and recluse, has two goals in life: to become independent of her controlling father and to find the mother who abandoned her at birth. After a fruitless search for employment, Diana asks her father for an entry-level position in his digital media company. Her first project leads her to Ron Pearl, a high school acquaintance caring for his dying mother and carrying a mortgage. The renewed friendship forces Diana out of her self-imposed isolation and into deep human interaction. She comes face to face with the friend she betrayed, she fights for a romance that might not make it past the first date, and she discovers that her father is the one who kept her apart from her mother. Surrounded by people who seem to have life figured out, Diana must choose between living the life others want her to lead or the life she desires.

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