Book 3 in the True Hearts Series

Meet the party girl

Janet Buchanan hasn’t been the same since she tore her ACL during a college soccer game last year. Surgery and rehab were expected. Getting dumped by her boyfriend of three years wasn’t. To cheer her up, her former teammates take her out for a night on the town. It works a little too well. She’s been partying ever since.

This is Mr. Nice Guy

Danny Russell worked hard to get his life in order despite his chaotic upbringing. When Janet trips into  his arms, it’s love at first sight. Not only is she the girl of his fantasies, she’s also a good person. She stands by him when his skeletons bust out of the closet. Unfortunately, he struggles to do the same for her.

When he finally realizes what an idiot he’s been, he’ll do whatever it takes to get her back. But now that she’s standing on her own two feet, does she want his arms around her?

Note: This is a steamy romance.