My Top 5 April Fool’s Pranks For 2019

I started the day by telling my daughter not to move as I stared at her back in horror and reached for a paperback book to smash the imaginary offender. Her shrill scream of terror and her crumpling panicked expression forced me to end the prank abruptly. She laughed in relief and said, “That wasn’t funny! Never do that again.” Oops. Guilt plagued Mom here.

This is a great day to appreciate imagination, creativity, and humor. I’ve enjoyed myself watching more than a few April Fool’s videos. The day is not over yet so we might see a few more, but here are my top 5 so far.

5. McDonald’s Canada

I heard this one on the radio before I saw it. I thought Brilliant! I might have to use this one on my daughter after school to make up for this morning. 

4. Kathmandu

Check out her face when it’s “raining”.

3. Contiki

What every dog parent wants to offer its dog.

2. Calgary Police

A police dog/gecko team might be the next step in law enforcement collaboration.

1. Google

The actors are amazing and the tulips, well…they can talk!? I’m still laughing at this one.

Hope you all have a mischievous April Fool’s Day pranksters.
What prank did you play today? What’s the best prank you’ve come across? I love hearing from you. Leave a comment.